Less Hate – Soul Doubt

BUY: http://www.beatport.com/release/less-hate-soul-doubt/1030765 Less Hate is one of the newest guys on the block, and with a handful of releases in the las…

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12 thoughts to “Less Hate – Soul Doubt”

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    Grazie 1000 a chi mi aiuterà 🙂

  2. Doubt thou the stars are fire,
    Doubt the sun doth move,
    Doubt truth to be a liar
    but never doubt I love (you).
    “Dubita che le stelle siano fuoco; dubita che il sole si muova; dubita che la verità sia mentitrice; ma non dubitare mai del mio amore.”
    Ho questo dubbio dopo una ricerca su internet che mi ha portato inizialmente ad essere convinta che i versi appartengano a Romeo e Giulietta, e in seguito che facciano parte invece dell’Amleto. Oltre a ciò vi pongo altre due domande:
    – Mi potete segnalare il link per leggere l’opera in cui sono i versi?
    – Potreste spiegarmi le parole come “thou” e “doth”? Perchè l’inglese che studio non è quello di Shakespeare…:)
    Scusate per le numerose richieste, grazie a tutte le risposte 🙂

  3. Juxtapose feeling
    Just suppose I reel in revolving doors closing
    Imposters posing
    Tun spinning it round about
    Pulling your inside out
    Know what they will do it now without a doubt
    Motivated in quick time to stop the watchman
    Exposing orchestrated explosions

    Medicine man mix a potion
    Sedate the not so great nation
    Now they be jumping out of their skin to fear factors
    Run through acres morphing shape shifters
    Lift the lid and give a wide berth
    The earth not a million miles away
    Minor details as I put it in another way
    To the latter day
    Burning out your retina’s pitch
    Black enveloping hell’s fire developing heat
    Skin crawling up you swear blind
    The cruel and unkind advance you’re running out of time
    The adrenalin flows hitting the wall
    Ready to fall over but they stand tall
    Winner taking it all in
    Stalling for some ideological ways out
    Twist and then shout out aloud

    Steady bellowing
    Subtle moment following
    Subsequent change rearrange
    How we doing?
    We are fine, quiet time
    Ready for the steady climb
    Cross a ley line down into the open mind’s eye
    Attack they react and turn into the maniac
    Critical breakdown why?
    ‘Cause it’s an actual fact
    Take a longer look at how we can prevail and not fail

  4. I know it’s around, I don’t have any doubts about that night
    I’ll see you get it tonight, and if I can’t I’ll cry and cry
    You won’t see me without it and I’ll see you tonite

    But I know it’s around, I don’t have any doubts about that night

    Ringrazio in anticipo tutti coloro che risponderanno, 10 punti al migliore!

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