Rob Papen Predator Rack Extension – 2nd Review!

I took a quick glance at this beastly synth and mainly talked about the presets and why I felt it was a justified purchase… now I’ve mapped the controls so…

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13 thoughts to “Rob Papen Predator Rack Extension – 2nd Review!”

  1. Qualcuno sa suggerirmi quali sono i migliori Vst per canzoni House-Progressive-techno??
    Mettete anche i link se li avete
    Mi serve urgente un bel vst di un basso

    10 punti al migliore
    dammi qlk link per scaricare ti do 10 pnt 🙂

  2. ciao raga dove posso trovare il sintetizzatore che si trova spesso nelle vecchie canzoni di snoop e dre quello molto acuto alto..tipico west coast?vi prego datemi una mano

  3. qualcuno sa darmi consigli su come imparare da 0 a produrre psytrance? In particolare vorrei cominciare dalla full on, ho gia il sequencer fl studio

  4. qualcuno saprebbe consigliarmi qualche buon VST per ableton live 7.0.2
    per produrre DUBSTEP o ELECTROFUNK?

    per ora utilizzo albino e predator di rob papen ma vorrei qualcosa di piu’ specifico ancora…

  5. Yeah, there are so many new RE synths, it’s starting to get overwhelming, but in a good way, of course! Thanks for watching man, I love your channel.

  6. No problem. Keep it up its always good to see a different point of view on different synths. I don’t find RE to be overwhelming at all. Hell I am following both RE and VST what I find is that most of them are extremely similar to something else and its just a matter of finding the unique things about individual instruments. It also helps that I mostly ignore the stuff that doesn’t interest me unless someone asks me about it like the FET compressor.

  7. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but have you actually downloaded it & tried it out? YouTube is usually not a reliable source for sound quality. Plus you could always add a compressor and/or effects unit to solve your hollow hangup.

  8. I figured you were going to say something to that effect, and you’re absolutely right, you shouldn’t NEED to add anything, especially since this synth has such a large amount of built in effects already. I guess my point was a bit tongue and cheek — like if you said “not enough bass”, then I’d say just add an EQ 😛

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