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In just eight days, DJ Techtools’ 6th year anniversary will be upon us. This milestone provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on past successes and growing pains. The last few years have been strong ones, with our vision of a vibrant online DJ community coming to reality.  One hard lesson learned: it’s become clear my personal time would be better spent cultivating the soul of DJTT instead of maintaining “the business” of the website. That means we need someone new to take over running our rapidly-expanding operations and free me up get into the game again.

What's missing from this photo?

What’s missing from this photo?

For the last few years I have mainly focused on the business of DJ TechTools in order to improve many of our great services like:

Just this month we moved into a new five thousand square foot headquarters and now have 12 people working to make the site better every day. All these moving parts require a lot of management and oversight, which has taken its toll and eaten up almost all of my creative time.


Great writers like Mad Zach and Dan along with others have stepped into to fill the void, but many a commenter has lamented the lack of bleeding edge new content and those classic “Ean Golden” videos. Everyone at DJTT believes things need to change, and in order to get me back on the road, creating and evangelizing, we need the help of one key person. That’s where you – the readers – come in.

Do you or someone you know fit this description?

DJ TechTools Operations Guru!

This is a great opportunity for someone to play a major in taking DJ TechTools to the next level and fill a big gap in our team. We need a confident and dynamic person to lead the US operations and grow the nuts and bolts business.  Sometimes this is called a GM or a COO, but I like to think of this person as my right hand man, my Tim Cook or simply an uber-organized bad-ass that has:

  • Great track record of running organizations or groups
  • Really good financial and operations chops that turn great ideas into reality
  • Knows the DJ industry and how we can grow in a positive direction
  • Solid leader with the ability to find, hire, and guide great people

If you have someone in mind, please tell them about the opportunity or send in a job application yourself. Not quite a fit for that role? We have 3 other really powerful openings which can greatly shape the future of DJTT in a big way.

Click for full details on how to apply, plus other openings on the DJTT jobs page 


Me at my happiest, teaching. Help us do more!

Why am I posting what is essentially a job opportunity on DJ TechTools blog? The answer is simple. Traditional hiring methods like Craigslist, Linked In and stealing your friends’ co-workers just don’t work in a role this important. Almost all of our employees were members of this community before being even considered for a position and that policy has served us well.

This website is an interesting mini-experiment of community self-sustainability. We can knock around ideas, source designs, test concepts, all the way through manufacturing and shipping products. This tight-knit feedback loop seems to produce some pretty interesting results. It makes sense then, that when the time comes to make important decisions, ask for help, or hire a new critical person – we would march straight back to the well of inspiration that has served us so well in the past.

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