Hacking Z-Wave Home Automation Systems

Video Directory: http://www.concise-courses.com/past/ In this Hangout, Behrang Fouladi explains – How home automation works – Home automation security – how it could be subjected to attacks…

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2 thoughts to “Hacking Z-Wave Home Automation Systems”

  1. So in real life application how would a ‘hacker’ know if a home was using
    zwave devices? How would the hacker know which zwave devices were being
    used in a home, if he was unlocking a door or just turning on a light?

  2. This is bogus. There is only one exploit that I know of and its a joke.
    Your video FUD at best.
    Oh an BTW thanks for wasting 20 mins of my life I will never get back.
    Also you even point out that it will be fixed and all zwave devices are
    backward compatible.

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