Reaper of Souls dated for March 25th

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Expansion for Diablo 3 coming for PC & Mac

Blizzard has confirmed that the already announced expansion pack for Diablo 3 will arrive worldwide on March 25th for both the PC and Mac. No word from Blizzard yet on when the announced version of Diablo 3 for PlayStation 4 will arrive, but we do know it will include Reaper of Souls as part of the release. (Still no word on the possibility of a release of Reaper of Souls for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and no word at all about a possible release of Diablo 3 for the Xbox One at some point in the future.)

While Diablo 3 of course is required to play Reaper of Souls, Blizzard will be offering both a Standard Edition as well as a Digital Deluxe Edition. Players are able to pre-purchase the Reaper of Souls Expansion starting today from

Blizzard has commented that the release of Reaper of Souls will take Diablo 3 back to its darker roots which will in turn give player a new experience playing Diablo 3. A new character class called “The Crusader” will be at the center of the new offerings of the expansion pack in addition to a new “Adventure Mode” that allows for travel between away points set in the game. The loot system has also been redesigned and adds “smart drops” to give players better loot at an enhanced pace.

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