AMD vs NVIDIA: Top 5 Gaming Video Cards of 2013!

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AMD vs NVIDIA: Top 5 Gaming Video Cards of 2013!


Updated: December 23, 2013


This year brought a lot of tech gear to the table and for us hardware addicts that is always a great thing as it means new toys to tinker with. 2013 was a mix of good and bad with a few product launches that were great and a few that were, well not so great. Since the year had so much to offer we thought we would cover what we feel were some of the very best products of the year and starting off with the Top 5 video cards of the year. The competition was very stiff this year as both NVIDIA and AMD came at us with products they thought we would embrace, love and buy.

For the most part both companies did a pretty solid job of getting us newer, better cards, but they both went at it in very different ways. NVIDIA for their part I feel really sort of held back and could have devastated the entire playing field, but instead just set their throttle to idle and let AMD do all the hoop jumping. AMD however caught the attention of many a gamer by offering very nice gaming packs that included strong and very popular game titles as well as a lower price point and regardless of their running hotter, AMD fans embrace them warmly. NVIDIA had some gaming packs, but just not the same as AMD’s.

One card totally worth mentioning in honorable status is the GTX 650Ti as this card kicks ass in games at 1920X1080p and in some cases even on high settings and this card is priced at right around $ 150.00 US so even though its not in the top 5 its still a very viable product for the budget gamer. So what are the Top 5 VGA cards of 2013? Well the story goes a bit like this folks, even though AMD broke loose with a few really good cards this year NVIDIA at the last moment pulled a roaring rabbit out of their collective hat in the form of the GTX 780Ti, but I am getting ahead of myself.  So in the number 5 position we have the AMD R9 270X coming at $ 200.00 this is a great card. Next up the GTX 770, which would have taken a seat to the R9 280X, but stock went down and the price went up opening the door for the GTX 770.

Availability of the 280X has become slim, but the R9 290 card comes up next as it is priced right and has great scores to boot. For the 2nd place position we have a tie between AMD and NVIDIA as the R9 290X and the GTX 780 go back and forth between various aspects that make them both a viable card for the serious gamer who wants raw performance. The R9 290X is a bit faster than the GTX 780, but it also runs hotter and has less room for overclocking, the GTX 780 is a bit slower, but has the potential for better overclocking out of the box.  So who had the number 1 video card of the year? I spilled the beans earlier and I think you all know the fastest card of the year goes to NVIDIA’s GTX 780Ti that just pushes the envelope that extra bit to get it into the number 1 position. NVIDIA timed their release with just enough time to beat the competition, but also did not leave them enough time to make a comeback in 2013. Thanks for reading tech Of Tomorrow, and if you have a different favorite we would love to hear why and what. Happy Holidays.

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