Alchemy Player – Free VST/AU Plugin – SFZ – 1GB Samples

Alchemy Player is Free and plays any Alchemy Sound Library or SFZ with an easy-to-use yet flexible interface. Includes 1GB of samples and 200 inspiring prese…

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25 thoughts to “Alchemy Player – Free VST/AU Plugin – SFZ – 1GB Samples”

  1. The advanced view is available in the full version of Alchemy (32 and
    64-bit) but it is not included in Alchemy Player past the four week demo
    period. If you are still within your demo period, you can activate the demo
    from the file menu.

  2. Yes, Alchemy Player (and the full version of Alchemy) is compatible with FL
    Studio. After installing to your VST plugins folder, in FL Studio go to
    Channels / Add One / More. Rescan so that FL finds Alchemy and check the
    box next to it to add it to your Channels list. Then go back to the
    Channels list and select Alchemy to load it. Please note that for FL Studio
    you currently should use the 32-bit version of Alchemy. If you run into any
    problems, please feel free to email us.

  3. Alchemy Player does not have a standalone mode. Instead you need to launch
    it from within a compatible host program such as Live, Logic, Cubase, etc.
    If you are having difficulties getting it to load within your host, please
    send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

  4. During the install process, you would have selected where to install the
    plugin. If you are unsure, you can have Windows search for Alchemy.dll.
    Once located, be sure your host/DAW is set to look for plugins in that
    parent folder (set within your host’s preferences). If problems persist,
    please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

  5. Yes, Alchemy Player is free. Just go to the Alchemy Player page on our site
    (link in the video description above) then click the Download button. This
    will bring you to a page where you can request your free download link.

  6. Yes, Alchemy Player is free and it includes 1GB of sample content, as well
    as 200 presets. Alchemy Player includes a 4 week demo of the full Alchemy
    interface. Once the demo period has expired, the synth simply reverts to
    the Alchemy Player interface.

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