Fender American Stratocaster Unboxing ( Olympic white ) 1080p HD

My new Olympic white Fender American made Stratocaster unboxed in HD 1080p 🙂 More guitar related stuff to come.

Video correlati:
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25 thoughts to “Fender American Stratocaster Unboxing ( Olympic white ) 1080p HD”

  1. Nice ! got the same guitar – same color and everything – however , im
    upgrading the pups to vintage noiseless soon .

  2. It definitely wont come with a hard case but will most likely come with a
    strap and depending on where you buy it from possibly a gig bag.

  3. If your from uk, there is a few sites you can get between 899-1030
    (guitarguitar.co.uk) is a good one to have but you could also considering
    ordering in america (dollars converted to pounds) you save around 28% in
    converting + about 57 pounds for international posting its what ive done
    waiting on a american fender strat FSR rw in lake placid blue 🙂

  4. Should’ saved up for this. But I was anxious for a new axe so I jumped for
    a MIM Stratocaster in Lake Placid Blue. But it plays fantastically. Not a
    bad thing about it. Other then my generic case breaking and a screw in it
    punctured a gash in the bottom directly below the lowest tone switch -:(

  5. Why in God’s name would anyone who wants a humbucker or rock guitar go out
    and buy one which has single coil pickups? Modded guitars are horrible and
    worth next to nothing. Just buy an appropriate instrument to begin with!

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