Paul Pesco checking out the IK Multimedia iRig HD

Here I am in Brazil playing with my iRig HD. AmpliTube on my iPad, and using an iKlip to hold it! If you want to learn about it, check it out here: http://ik…

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6 thoughts to “Paul Pesco checking out the IK Multimedia iRig HD”

  1. The iRig is awsome. I got the HD version today and will be ordering the
    Stomp Box and Blueboard soon. Amplitube is fantastic. I am currently
    running it through the AUX input of my amp and using Amplitube for the

  2. I used to cut Paul’s hair he really inspired me as a guitarist. He was
    always so humble I had no idea who he was or what he did until a friend
    told me because he never bragged!!! I went from playing in local band to
    touring with different artist. I currently play for an American Idol
    Finalist. Thanks for to Paul for the inspiration and being a super cool
    humble dude 😉

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