Home Automation Q&A – Winter 2017

This edition of our home automation Q&A show covers everything from Honeywell thermostat compatibility wtih SmartThings, how HomeKit is helping a viewer who’s visually-impaired, which sensors can trigger actions in Apple’s Home app, and more! Read the full questions @ https://smarterhomelife.com/everything/2017/3/2/qa-home-automation-winter-2017 Starts at 2:35
From Mike:
I am looking for a smart thermostat to reduce energy usage. I currently have a dumb Honeywell thermostat that I’m pretty sure the “Honeywell RTH9580WF1005/W1 thermostat” will plug right in and it isadvertised to work with the Amazon Echo (which I have). I also have a Smart Things Hub and would like to be able tosetuproutines based on outside temperature and presence to control things. Some of my research indicates that the smart thermostat works with the ST Hub, but others say that Smart Things is still working on the software. Honeywell is supposed to be at the show, but SmartThings is not listed. However, Samsung has two booths and they might have some info about theirsubsidiary companies products. If the current model does not interface with both I might wait to get another option. I may not be thinking about control correctly. If the thermostat is under ST control and I ask Alexa to turn up the heat, will I create a 404 error (showing my age). Starts at 7:01
From Dustin:
(Too long for YouTube description, mainly asking about the Eve Motion Sensor for HomeKit control, "big ticket" items like ceiling fans, and how to setup a potentially very complex smart home. Starts at 17:27
From Johan:
I am looking at light switches that will work with siri and homekit but with only two electrivak cables no neutral. Which ones should I look for and what works with a hub and without a hub? Starts at 20:39

From Andre:
Thank you for good videos and info on the smarter home. I have been searching through the web but cant find answers on the trigger possibilities with the Elgato Eve sensors. Can you give me a quick update on them? Are they able to trigger scenes with like motion or temperature in the Home app? ———————- Smarter Home Life needs your support to thrive and grow in 2017 – learn about the different ways you can help @ http://smarterhomelife.com/support ———————- Shop our Amazon Store! http://smarterhomelife.com/store Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lightinganswers Website http://smarterhomelife.com
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