LED Lighting Q&A – Winter 2017

On this round of LED Lighting Q&A, many questions are once again about smart lighting and how to choose smart bulbs vs traditional lighting on smart dimmers and switches. Plus, what’s the future outlook for LED lighting in general? It’s time to play a little catch-up on viewer questions, as the mailbox has been inundated! And it hasn’t helped that Smarter Home Life has had to go a bit dormant of late, but expectations are that things should speed back up in April. Watch the first few minutes for the explanations. And…hint, hint…there are a few fun surprises in this Q&A video, so be sure to watch the entire thing! Full questions @ https://smarterhomelife.com/everything/2017/3/2/qa-led-lighting-winter-2017 Starts at 4:10
From Eli:
Great job on your videos! Can you change colors of hue bulbs without using ifft? Or do you have to use ifft to change colors? Also, with or without ifft can you set scenes? Would you recommend the hue dimmers switch or hue tap? (Alexa in every room) Thank you very much for all your vids! Starts at 10:18
From Deon:
Love your to the point videos and hope you have a similar answer for me. I’ve been using my Lifx 1000 bulbs for a little more than a month now and must say I’m often left frustrated. I find the Lifx App great but it tends to loose connectivity to the lights (only 2) on my wifi network constantly. My question is whether it’s worth it in your opinion to try the Philips hue 3rd gen? Starts at 19:30
From Grayson:
Hi, I have a question. Are there going to be any improvements for regular LED bulbs for 2017? Dimmability is a very important factor when it comes to matching as close to incandescent, but when I do a Google search for improvements in lighting, the top links in search result turns out to be a comeback for incandescent light bulbs that is suppose to be more efficient than LED bulbs. Starts at 27:36
From Mike:
Great content. Website, videos, Q and A's, all top notch. I was looking for your opinion on what the best route for someone who doesn't really care about color bulbs but wants to be able to control all lights via Alexa. My first option is to go with Hue. I chose Hue over Lifx for one reason only, Hue resets back to 100% white when wall switch is turned on. Lifx reverts back to last setting. With a not so tech savvy wife, I'll never hear the end of her having to take an extra step to turn on a light. 2nd option is to go the smart switch route. I didn't see a lot of recent content on your site about these. Do you have any experience with these and is there one you recommend. Starts at 40:20

From Chad:
Thank you first of all for all the great videos, I really enjoy watching them and learning about each product (without having to buy them first 🙂 ). I was wondering if I could get your opinion on whether or not I should get Hue lights or the SmartThings hub first? Sorry if you have covered this in your Q&A previously but I haven't made it through all of them. I started off basic and now I'm hooked. I have the Dot (don't say the "A" word) connected to a few tp-link WiFi plugs and also the Harmony Hub. I would like to start to add a few more things and lighting in the living room may be first. Not sure if I really need color but I would like to have the lights dim when it is movie time. Starts at 46:15
From Brandon:
First, my appreciation for bringing your focus on home automation and LED lighting to the world. I really like the YouTube channel and your reviews. My need is for guidance with whole-house lighting control, as the number of system options is quickly becoming bewildering. My partner and I are in the process of remodeling an old home in a new city and wish to install new smart lighting controls. I’m willing to start over with a new brand, but I’m finding it just impossible to choose. I’m planning on using the CREE candlelight dimming candelabra bulbs you reviewed. I like the idea of color-changing Hue bulbs for a couple of places, but don’t know how this will jive with the smart dimmers. ———————- Smarter Home Life needs your support to thrive and grow in 2017 – learn about the different ways you can help @ http://smarterhomelife.com/support ———————- Shop our Amazon Store! http://smarterhomelife.com/store Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lightinganswers Website http://smarterhomelife.com
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