Bastian Bux – Laufen (Original Mix) [Suara]

Beatport: 01 Felix Krocher & Moonwalk- Morning Glory (Original Mix)
02 Rafael Cerato feat Jonatan Backelie – Restarts (Original Mix)
03 Fat Sushi – Menage A Trois (Original Mix)
04 Cristoph – Teapot (Original Mix)
05 Several Definitions – Pass Attack (Original Mix)
06 Bastian Bux – Rage (Original Mix)
07 Marascia – It’s The Inside That Counts (Original Mix)
08 Township Rebellion – The Sioux (Original Mix)
09 Fairmont – Loaded (Original Mix)
10 Bastian Bux – Laufen (Original Mix)

11 OC & Verde – Phantom (Original Mix)
12 Black Acid – Raving (Original Mix)
13 EdOne – Zero (Original Mix)
14 Raffa FL – Endless (Original Mix)
15 Felix Krocher & Circle Of Life – Step Forward (Original Mix)
16 Gabe & Thyladomid – Full Melt (Original Mix)
17 Animal Picnic & Aayron – Caps (Original Mix)
18 Eekkoo – Tremor (Original Mix)
19 Sezer Uysal – Perihelion (Original Mix)
20 Animal & Me – Momentum (Original Mix) If you’ve listened to the first volume of 'Kitties On Trance' then you already know what we mean with 'Trance'. Now, a year and a half later, we have the evolution of this sound with this second volum. In this release you can find 20 tracks produced by artists like Moonwalk, Rafael Cerato, Fat Sushi, Cristoph and many, many more. Music from deep house to techno, from progressive sounds to dancefloor electronica, all about melodic and harmonic layers and all the tracks mixed by Bastian Bux in a real trip with these sounds.
Artwork by GaAs
Mastering by

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