Gab Rhome – Apres-Ski Nautique

Bandcamp: We’re so proud to have Gab Rhome join us once again with his very powerful and mystical EP ‘Volleyball In Space’. Gab starts the EP with a dance floor shuffler, ‘Mount Fuji’s Romance Federation’. The track holds plenty of energy, yet manages to fly low while still maintaining a solid heat with striking elegance. ‘Beach Bummer’ turns up the heat just a bit with deep subs and dramatic breaks – but in the end it’s the punchy house beat that keeps everything on track as Gab lays down some very moving ambience around it. And finally, he takes us for a ride in the romantic atmosphere of ‘Apres-ski nautique’, a relaxed, deep dreamy track, with an enchanting spirit to round of the EP on a smooth and beautiful note.

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