Britain bans ZTE

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The Chinese get a bruising…

While the world is still sort of wondering about the air strikes in Syria last week, some of the rest of us – including Scotland – are thinking about the other things that are happening in our little world of technology. 

Concealed under an apparent smokescreen is an interesting story for Fudzilla about the intelligence services saying Chinese smartphone company ZTE is a sleeper for intelligence investigations.

The BBC reported today that ZTE is a risk to UK security.

A government body has told all UK telecoms providers that the Shenzhen based firm is – possibly a bit like Huawei – infiltrating everyone’s PCs and smartphones.

The UK government said under no circumstances should people use ZTE’s kit
Which must be a bit of a blow for some carriers here – like British Telecom – formerly a part of the UK government, that sold ZTE kit through its shops.

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