CES 2019 – Pindrop Helps Secure Smart Home Voice Control

Voice control of IoT and smart home devices is great, but how do you properly know who is actually giving the commands? Pindrop started with call centers and banks, and is now moving into the smart home with their multi-factor voice identification technology. Learn more @ pindrop.com Thanks to our special correspondent (and friend of the show) Ant Pruitt for covering it for us! Follow Ant on Twitter @ant_pruitt for his podcast, content creation videos and tech articles. ————————— Have a smart home question? Send it in @ https://smarterhomehelp.com Shop Amazon, help out the show – https://smarterhomelife.com/amazon What's in Joe's Tiny Smart Home? https://www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AFD7QYM4VXPDKSW24QONPW7FRLZQ/23P25YJPLOT5A

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