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Update To Catalina? Here’s How To Manually Export Your As XML

Manual Music XML export in macOS Catalina

Yes, here’s another article in the thread of many about the release of macOS Catalina. We decided instead of only revising the previous article, more people might see this manual fix for the loss-of-connection between DJ software and the iTunes replacement, Music.

Avid DJ music library management expert MixMasterG (the guy behind the many of his own clever DJ library management tools) commented on our last article warning of the lack of XML export in the Music app. As it turns out, it’s really easy to manually export out an XML version of your iTuens library if you need to keep the connection.

How To Export The Music XML in Catalina

  1. Open the Music app
  2. Make any changes you want (playlist sorting, song additions)
  3. Go to File>Library>Export Library
  4. Manually name the file iTunes Music Library.xml and store it in the iTunes folder (under *yourusername*>Music>iTunes)
  5. Hit Save

Apps without an update yet for Catalina (like Rekordbox) will be able to read the manually exported library without issue.

Instead of just simple instructions, he made a great, simple video for the community:

[embedded content]

Thanks, MixMasterG!

Author: DJ TechTools

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