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Monimega’s epochal challenge

epochal challenge

From midnight on Christmas to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Blackrock & co. are invited to the party. Anyone can participate under the same conditions. “Monimega will show you an image that hides the key to a door; there are many doors, as many doors as you want and where you want, opened by you or whoever you want.
Behind the doors, there may be nothing, there may be something that is nothing or there may be everything.” However, you can win the bet even by finding only the key to the door as plaintext.
Even if you found out the key to this door, you wouldn’t know where the door is and it’s not enough to open it. The gentlemen listed in the title of the event at midnight on December 25th will need to provide an IP address to participate in the challenge and will be able to get a personal image by download. To win the challenge, in 7 days they will have to find the key contained in the image. They will have only one attempt. If they will not be able to achieve the feat, the value of the bet will be:

1) A 100 million dollar transfer to Monimega, for each participant

2) stop any elite plan

3) abolish meetings like Bilderberg, Davos et similia

4) return full sovereignty to the European States.

Point 1) is immovable and incontrovertible while for the other requests, instead, if the participants want to exempt themselves, they must issue a permanent written declaration stating that they have nothing to do with what is described here and have no concrete say in these matters nor is it their intention to have it. If the key will be found, instead, Monimega will publicly write that whoever has won deserves to govern in place of the democratic States or influence their choices with authority, casting all praise from now on, and will comply with their brilliant guidelines of administration, which will be considered the most appropriate possible. Happy to cooperate, towards a new world.



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