Stocks up sharply on French vote. My breakdown.

Emotional reaction. We've seen it before.

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Danilo Toninelli (M5S): TG2 – M5S unici in tutta Europa

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Digital Audio

Dope Ammo Drum & Bass Samples – Drum & Bass Fusion Vol.4 Loopmasters present Dope Ammo and Aries – a heavy collection of Junglist sounds, born from the roots of UK Sound Systems. Bursting with high-energy Breaks, bubbling Bass, sharp Percussion and dub infused instruments – you’ll have a host of 100% royalty-free content to drop in the next soundclash! The pack contains over 670MB of content with Loops, Hits, and Sampler Patches – serving you with the best from the sound system culture. The beats come hard with 59 Full Drum Loops and a selection of Kicks and Snares to bounce up the place! Music Loops feature authentic Reggae Instruments with Pianos, Horns, Keys, Pads and Organs – while the all-important Bass contains Subs, 808s and more low frequency oscillations!


Earth Day Message 2017

It's a pretty simple on this Earth Day 2017: do more with what you already have. If that happens to be home automation or replacing some older lighting with newer, more efficient lamps that you already have, wonderful! Otherwise, try to avoid buying new stuff today just to buy it, maybe just enjoy what you already have…more specifically, the lovely planet that we already inhabit. Need to do some shopping anyways? Head over to Amazon Smile and they'll donate a portion of your shopping to a charity of your choice. We highly recommend The Nature Conservancy, as they're the #1 conservation organization in the world and have helped to protect over 100 million acres of land, oceans and more around the planet. Jump to and learn more, or click to and donate directly or become a member. Whatever you do today, try to reduce, reuse and do a little something so that future generations can benefit from a wonderful planet Earth…(for now) our only home in the universe. ———————- Smarter Home Life is made possible in part by you! That's right, we need your support to ensure the future of the show. Learn how to help out at – Thank you! ———————- Subscribe! Website
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FSI – Fronte Sovranista Italiano shared Appello al Popolo’s post.

di Davide Visigalli Β· Pubblicato 25 aprile 2017 Β· Aggiornato 25 aprile 2017

A grande richiesta πŸ™‚

ecco il video della sbandierata FSI a Reggio Emilia.

Autore: Matteo Rossini da Ravenna (quello a destra nel video), musiche: Michele Novaro πŸ˜€

Cameraman: Lorenzo Sambri

Buon 25 Aprile dal FSI


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