Amazon Kindle Paperwhite comes to Europe

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On October 25th in selected countries

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, or in case you missed it – an illuminated version of Amazon’s popular e-reader, is finally coming to the Old Continent.The “new” Amazon Kindle Paperwhite features a capacitive touch front-lit display with 1024×768 resolution, impressive battery life and detailed fonts. The patented screen with light guide technology that directs light evenly across the screen has 25 percent more contrast than Pearl type screens used in the older Kindle e-readers. Additionally, with 212ppi, it has a 62 percent higher resolution.

Amazon is already taking pre-orders and, as noted, the Kindle Paperwhite will only be available in Germany, France, and the UK. The price is set at €129 and €189 for the WiFi-only and 3G versions in Germany and France, while the UK Amazon will ask £109 for the WiFi-only one and £169 for the 3G one.

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