The Postcard: the APP of the 21st century. Extreme corporate and personal security on the web Software

The Postcard: the APP of the 21st century. Extreme corporate and personal security View larger

The Postcard: the APP of the 21st century. Extreme corporate and personal security on the web


The state of the art of cryptography

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You have nothing to hide (badly). A dream "trip" and a postcard only to whoever you want. Total anonymity is an image of your choice.

The Postcard is the definitive application that serves to send indecipherable messages, even entire "novels", to one or more recipients. It can be used for security companies, any company, protection of patents and intellectual property, events, appointments, forums, links to compressed archives protected by passwords, publishing, social groups, private exchanges, top secret documents etc. etc. The fields of use are undetermined.
ABSOLUTE corporate and personal privacy in general. This software is the result of complex and sophisticated work, the most advanced computer technology combined with ingenious mathematical functions. Therefore, in reality the value of the product is priceless but we are pleased to offer it to our customers at a reasonable price.

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