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The Postcard: the APP of the 21st century. Extreme corporate and personal security on the web


The state of the art of cryptography

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2 900,00 € (£ 2,665.41) VAT incl.

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You have nothing to hide (badly). A dream "trip" and a postcard only to whoever you want. Total anonymity is an image of your choice.

The Postcard is the definitive application that serves to send indecipherable messages, even entire "novels", to one or more recipients. It can be used for security companies, any company, protection of patents and intellectual property, events, appointments, forums, links to compressed archives protected by passwords, publishing, social groups, private exchanges, top secret documents etc. etc. The fields of use are undetermined.
ABSOLUTE corporate and personal privacy in general. This software is the result of complex and sophisticated work, the most advanced computer technology combined with ingenious mathematical functions. Therefore, in reality the value of the product is priceless but we are pleased to offer it to our customers at a reasonable price.

Demo video:

Update v. 2.1:

Now you can also choose to download a compressed and password-protected archive instead of reading the contents of the postcard in the browser (for PHP version equal to or greater than 7.2).

In addition, the ZIP extension must be installed. Example on CentOS Linux: yum install phpXX-php-pecl-zip

It consists of 3 key strings, including the main key that is created and maintained only on the origin server, and the keys for encryption and decryption, without which even the primary encryption key is never called.
Is the impenetrable message in the sent postcard? NO, not even.

The main key can also be a long sentence taken from any context or script or a set of senseless strings, and can be changed periodically, every day or even several times a day (eg. for a timed message). Chosen by the customer, also through a separate instance from the main application.
In this case, even having physically access to the server or workstation and being aware of the system password and the last unused key or if the key has even been deleted, the previous messages couldn't be read even after CENTURIES with THOUSANDS of supercomputers that perform parallel computing, and all this to try to read one message only.

This application could be considered as an ultramodern and unassailable version of the German Enigma machine. What you can "see" is just an image/postcard with or without a "stamp" applied and who is not authorized can't read in any way the "back "of the postcard.
The application can be used via one or more web servers on a local Linux, Windows, MAC network, therefore on one or more computers, by incognito browser and HTTPS protocol, on an internet domain, on a VPN, and the resulting postcards can be sent to any device and by any means. For example, even sending a postcard on WhatsApp, by email, messenger, forum, etc. one could only deduce that a simple image has been transmitted, since only the recipient knows the location (eg. intranet, but also the internet) where the back of the postcard can be read.

Only the key that generated that particular card can read its contents. Added to this is the usual protection of the intranet and the web server, eg. workstations whose operating systems are password protected ROOT/Admin.
You can send a text message only or you can also choose to send links to documents, videos, images and that these elements are directly processed by the client's browser in HTML or only addresses in plain text format, eg. to only be read or copied later on other media.
The image without the stamp is visually IDENTICAL to the original while the one with the stamp can be used if you were to opt to send the image on a server that performs a compression algorithm (eg. Facebook in some cases, depending on the size of the image on disk).


  • HTTPS Web Server (local or internet domain). Apache, Nginx ecc.
  • PHP 5.6+ (7.x)
  • PHP memory, at least 64MB (recommended 128MB)
  • Installing a PHP extension loader
  • VPN is optional

The purchase of the application allows one license and use by any client of a network, even public. Each purchase of a subsequent license by the same customer costs € 499

After the purchase, for the installation included in the price there are two options:

  1. The installation is performed by Monimega with root access on SSH (later you can also change the password) or Teamviewer
  2. The customer gets the customized application and performs the installation following specific instructions.

For more information and to test a demo version, please contact us via the form on the website or the chat/messaging application you find in the lower right corner or by email to and we will make the application available to you on our network for two working days, so that you can try it to believe (without any doubt).

IF this product is intended to be connected to the mains electricity, you would need an EU to UK plug adapter (2 to 3 pin).
First of all, if you spend £ 300 in products (at least), we'll send the EU to UK plug adapter for FREE!
If available in stock, you can directly buy it from us, click on this product page URL → UK Plug Adapter.
If you prefer, you can buy a similar product at your local store or somewhere else, instead.
OR (at your risk): Anyway, nowadays almost any electronic device is unearthed and doubleinsulated, because they have a smart internal protection. So, you could push the earth hole on your wall power outlet or multi socket extension bar, with a long piece of plastic or wood (never use metal!) or by another upset power plug, in order to insert the EU plug into the outlet or multi socket.

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