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Monimega was born in 2011 from an idea by Alessio Monizza (aka Almond), after the remarkable success that has achieved his NUTesla The Informant - Information Technology Researcher http://monimega.com/blog - an advanced aggregator of news, articles and video - from the Italian and International Web - which interacts with the major social networks, and is built on WordPress platform.

What's Monimega?

Monimega is the best current 'e-commerce' solution. A catalog of about 20,000 products from the best brands in the world and many satisfied customers for professionalism and honesty.

Modern. Easy. Fast. Cheap. Reliable. Sure

Monimega addresses the market of 8 countries (Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, Austria) and the server is located at a leading German provider, high-speed interconnected throughout Europe.

Monimega also offers a consultancy, creating static and dynamic web sites, and for the city and province of Catanzaro (South Italy) also technical support on PC Win, Mac and Linux.

It's an excellent example of the European Globalisation: Italian company, large logistics with fast deliveries, european market.

 Technical Support Monimega


  • Assembled computers in the lab 
  • Technical Support Computers and Peripherals
  • Electronic Tester for components control
  • Planned interventions at customer's address
  • Virus removal
  • Reset and System Restore
  • Installations at customer's address
  • Data lost recovery
  • Hardware & Software Cleaning
  • Internet connections 
  • Networking
  • Server Admin
  • Developing website E-commerce
  • Gaming pc Rig

More infos

  1. Live Chat (app on the bottom right corner) 
  2. Send an email to support@monimega.com 
  3. Call +393663899821 from Monday to Friday
  4. Skype (Contact monimega)
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