TenGrams – Triffids Love

Buy it at Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/GMYA33
Spotify: https://goo.gl/hcmzDi Artist: TenGrams
Title: Outerspace Blues
Label: N.O.I.A. Records
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Genre: Electronic
Year: 2017 TenGrams are brothers Alessandro and Davide Piatto, who collectively have a deep and long understanding of dance music. Davide runs the N.O.I.A. label and was one of Italy's first touring electronic live acts, performing and recording with drum machines and synthesizers as early as 1978 as part of seminal Italo outfit Klein + M.B.O. Since then they have released under an array of aliases, have clocked up numerous club hits and this new project brings them right back to their electronic roots.

Zombie Nation – Ticket

Beatport: http://bit.ly/2wtC8OQ After many years releasing largely on his own UKW label, Zombie Nation now makes a huge debut on the mighty Get Physical Music. Zombie Nation is German DJ and producer Florian Senfter, the man behind a massive collection of esoteric electro and techno tracks and albums. A mainstay of International Deejay Gigolo and Turbo, Senfter twists weird sounds and computer game soundtracks into his own frizzled version of techno. Also a mesmeric live artist, he is a collector of vintage synths and that always shines through in his richly textured music. First up here is the brilliantly twisted ‘Ticket.’ It’s a typically unusually tune with bobbling bass that keeps you on your toes as lead synths get skewed, stretched and smeared in all different directions. The groove builds and builds and its Zombie Nation’s mastery of his machines that keeps you locked in. Then comes ‘Drafty’, a more curious and deep tune that sucks you down the rabbit hole where piano chords and warped synths keep you on edge. Crisp boom-bap drums drive the whole thing along and ensure this is another classic Zombie Nation freak-out.
No one sounds like Zombie Nation even after all these years, and this EP proves that once again. http://www.getphysicalmusic.com/

Sam Divine – Live DJ Set @ Tower Bridge for Defected

London's skyline witnessed a Defected takeover, with CamelPhat & Sam Divine playing 50 minute sets at the very top of Tower Bridge, 200ft+ above the Thames. Watch the live stream of Sam Divine''s set here. The Tower Bridge stream comes during Sam's 10th year as part of the Defected family, which has included event managing, becoming a resident DJ, presenting the radio show, mixing the Defected Ibiza 2018 compilation and much more. Thanks to our partners:
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Allen & Heath Tease Xone:96 Mixer: Expected Early June

Author: Dan White DJ TechTools

We recently heard the first tease of a new Allen & Heath Xone mixer in the Traktor Pro 2.11.3 launch video. Now, the UK-based company has confirmed on their Facebook page that a new mixer is set to be announced in just a few weeks. Keep reading to learn more about the Xone:96 and what we think it will entail.

Allen & Heath Xone:96

So far, there are two official confirmations that there’s a new Xone mixer coming, set to be announced on the 9th of June (09/06, in much of the world, is how that date is written). The most recent is Allen & Heath’s own post on their Xone DJ page – submitted without comment. This image might include be the very first public glimpse at the mixer – which appears to show dual FX send channels A and B (most likely, no mixer design would have knobs below the main channel faders).

The post’s “09.06” is a clever shoutout to the name of the mixer, but also is when we expect to see the official announcement of the mixer

Traktor Gave It Away

When Native Instruments released a product video mentioning that their new version of Traktor Pro 2.11.3 had Scratch Certification compatibility for a new mixer, it wasn’t long before someone opened up the source code in a hex editor and hunted down the new Xone – which is how we know the real name of the unit, the Xone:96.

The new Allen & Heath Xone:96 hidden in the Traktor code

Features on the Xone:96

What we know so far about the Xone:96 is pretty limited – the Traktor source code shows that the mixer has both an A and B soundcard, meaning that you’ll be able to plug two computers into the mixer. The fact that NI has teased Traktor support even before the unit has been announced could be indicative of the type of DJ and workflow they’re looking to appeal to with the new mixer.

The dual USB soundcards also means that at least some part of the mixer’s signal flow will be digital. Allen & Heath knows that a core selling point of their Xone:92 mixer (which still is incredibly popular) is the pure analog elements – so we’ll be curious to see where they draw the line on this new model.

What features will the new Xone mixer pull from the 92 (left) and Model1 (right)?

There’s also some health speculation about what features the 96 might pull from the PLAYDifferently Model1 mixers – which were built in collaboration with Allen & Heath. We suspect that this mixer could be the more affordable and less boutique version of the Model1, and might inherit one or two of the most popular features on that unit, like the shaping EQ or overdrive.

What do you want the Xone:96 to have on it? Share your best ideas and speculation in the comments.