F9 Drumtrax iV 21st Century House Walkthrough – With James Wiltshire

James Wiltshire from The Freemasons and F9 Audio offers a full walkthrough of the F9 Drumtrax iV 21st Century House (http://bit.ly/21stcenturyhouse) classic house drum stems pack from F9 Audio. About Drumtrax iV Drumtrax iVcontains 8 complete 21st Century House music drum frameworks from 120-125 Bpm. Pre-arranged in club format so you can just dive straight in and instantly start creating a contemporary House or Tech House production. All 8 drum productions have been stem mastered by Cass Irvine at Wired Masters whose work for labels and artists diverse as Spinnin, Bjork, Fedde Le grand, Mau5trap have made him one of the most trusted and in demand engineers working in electronic music. His final layer of processing has given these drum sets the very best club-ready sonics we could hope for. To allow for intense customisation a whole selection of additional looped material is available in the selective DAW formats (apple loops, pre warped Wav files) as well highlights of the main pages. Careful attention has been paid by Cass at the mastering stage to allow near-instant swapping of parts between the different pages. Drumtrax iV also comes with 14 floor shaking multi-sampled bass patches lovingly crafted to fit perfectly with the drum arrangements. Hours were spent on the harmonics of each patch in a nod to modern tech house production techniques so they can provide the weight, warmth and rumble without feeling bloated or hogging the sub spectrum. Tech Specs • A full PDF manual provides install and page instructions as well as Ideas on how to get the best out of this release. • Live users will additionally receive a Live pack full of the additional content in Live-Rack and session-view form. • Logic users get all audio additionally convertedto Apple loopsas well as EXS 24 patches and Logic channel strip settings for the bass patches. • All packs contain additional drum kit, drum menu and bass patches for Kontakt 5.0.1+*, NNXT, Structure and Battery (drums only) • For users of other DAWS -The WAV version contains all the Stems in shorthand form (32-64 bars long), Drum kits, Menus and bass patches Check out the full demo and free taster samples here: http://bit.ly/21stcenturyhouse

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